Can you get worms from your dog?

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The short answer is yes, your family is at risk of zoonosis (which is what we call an infectious disease that spreads between dogs and humans). Worms all have their own way spreading their worm diseases and each have their own symptoms. So, look after yourself and look out for the signs. 

Roundworms: Eggs can be found in soil wherever dogs have defaecated. So you can see how children playing where dogs roam are at risk. If roundworm eggs are accidently ingested, roundworm larvae can pass into our internal organs, affecting muscle, eyes, and central nervous system. 

Hookworms: Hookworm larvae can be picked up if walking barefoot on affected sand or soil. They can cause skin and/or intestinal disease.

Tapeworms: It can infect dogs and dingoes, particularly in sheep farming areas. A person can develop hydatid disease if they come into contact with the faeces of a dog infected with tapeworm. It’s a serious disease causes cysts to form in vital organs such as the liver and lungs.


What is an effective worm treatment?
Protect your dog with NEXGARD SPECTRA . Just one monthly chew treats and controls the more common intestinal worms – roundworm, hookworm and whipworm. Regular deworming keeps your dog healthy and helps protect your family from zoonotic disease.