The trouble with fleas and ticks

They may be little, but fleas and ticks can cause big problems for your dog. We have a bunch of articles with information and tips on how to best look out for your pup.

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The flea life cycle— break it, today!

Even though you might not see fleas, they're prevalent across the South Africa. So while you shouldn't be surprised to find them on your dog, you may be surprised to learn that adult fleas (the ones you see) make up only about 5% of the total population. Just one can lay over 500 eggs in the first 21 days of setting up shop on your dog. NEXGARD kills adult fleas before they get the chance, preventing an infestation.

One flea can lay more than

Eggs in 21 days

The vast majority of developing flea stages (eggs, larvae, and pupae) are found not on dogs, but rather in the environment...
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In the cracks of wood floors
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