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dog and owner on a hike

All-in-one Parasite Protection for Your Dog

The NEXGARD® range offers a tasty broad-spectrum chew that provides safe and effective protection against fleas, ticks, mites and worms (including the deadly Spirocerca lupi worm)  

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NexGard range

Reassurance You're Giving the Protection Your Dog Needs

The monthly chew trusted by vets

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Girl with dog on bed

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Trusted Protection for Our Canine Heroes

The South African Guide Dogs Association proudly use and trust NexGard Spectra to provide powerful protection against parasites

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It's the first product that works for my pet. He loves the flavour and the treat


It's just effective and safe for two pugs


It is very efficient, not just for keeping fleas at bay but for heartworms too


Your NexGard product is amazing. We would recommend it to any pet owner as it is safe and very effective in its treatment and prevention against parasites in dogs.

Magda & Tania

Find the NexGard® range near you or online

Our products are available from a wide variety of reputable specialist retailers including pet shops, e-retailers, as well as most veterinary practices.